Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Team Ready for Districts

Your Titan Cross Country Teams finished off their regular season at the Metro West Championships this past Saturday.  The boys placed 3rd, the girls placed 4th and Morgan Weber and Troy O’Toole both earned Metro West All Stars.  Also running very well and running Personal Records were:  Shmael Jacques, Jason Gruenthal, Jack Sonderman, Andres Cubillos, Anders Snell, Chloe Gordon, Emma Dahlgren, Ashley Springer, Ariela Ortiz, Steph Rodgers, Kendall Siemienas and Christina Conenna.

One of the great things about cross country is we don’t have a record so the entire regular season is just practice for the District and Regional Championships.  Friday, October 26th is the District Championship at West Orange High School.  Girls run at 7:45 and boys run at 8:15.  Both teams will need to place in the top 4 in order to move on to Regionals.

These are the top 10 runners who earned their spot to run on Friday.


Boys                                                                     Girls

Troy O’Toole                                                      Alice Flament

Evan Balzer                                                        Morgan Weber

Shmael Jacques                                                 Chloe Gordon

Kai Komatsu                                                      Samantha Gelman

Shu Komatsu                                                     Emma Dahlgren

Andrew Miller                                                   Kendall Siemienas

Andres Cubillos                                                 Ariela Ortiz

Jack Sonderman                                               Steph Rodgers

Jason Gruenthal                                               Christina Conenna

Cristian Sterling                                                Sadie Carey